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How Our Auditions Work

Want to sing with the Newton Community Chorus for its Fall 2022 season? Open rehearsals are being held on Monday, September  12th, 18th, and 26th, 2022 with auditions taking place at the end of those rehearsals. 

​We encourage anyone who is interested to come to our rehearsal and sing with us from 7:30 pm until 9:15 pm. We'll learn a bit of new music together, and then newcomers stay behind after the chorus goes home.

Our Music Director, Rick Travers, then listens to any newcomers who want to try out -- he has them sing an excerpt from the same new music we learned during that evening's rehearsal.

It's all very relaxed!

Feel free to come and sing both weeks and audition during whichever week you like.

We rehearse at Newton Country Day School, 785 Centre St., Newton each Monday at 7:30pm (unless the school is closed that evening). Free parking is available on the school campus.